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Key to Senecio

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1 Stems erect, usually 1, 5-24 dm tall; ray flowers absent; disk flowers white to ochroleucous or greenish, rarely pinkish; cypselae 8- to 12-ribbed.
..2 Disc florets 8-14; lower cauline leaves deltate
..2 Disc florets 18-55; lower cauline leaves hastate to deltate or lanceolate
1 Stems erect to lax, 1 or clustered, 1-12 dm tall; ray flowers absent or present; disk flowers usually yellow; cypselae usually 5-ribbed or -angled.
....3 Herbage glandular, fetid, and viscid
....3 Herbage glabrous or pubescent but not glandular, fetid, or viscid.
......4 Subshrubs; herbage glabrous; stems usually multiple, branching upwards
......4 Annual; herbage glabrous or tomentose; stems single.
........5 Ray flowers 0; calyculi bractlets black-tipped; [exotic, widespread]
........5 Ray flowers 8; calyculi bractlets not black-tipped; [natives, AR, LA, OK, TX].
..........6 Plants 3-7+ dm; herbage loosely arachno-tomentose, unevenly glabrate or glabrescent; mid-stem leaves lanceolate, 3-10 cm (bases tapered or truncate, sometimes clasping)
..........6 Plants 8-12 dm; herbage glabrous or glabrate; mid and upper leaves ovate to broadly lanceolate, 10-20 cm (bases clasping)
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