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Key to Sophora

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1 Herb, 1-4 dm tall; leaflets 5-15 mm long; corollas white to cream; [c. KS, c. OK, nc. TX, westwards]
1 Shrub, 10-50 dm tall; leaflets 20-40 (-50) mm long; corollas lemon yellow; [coastal FL and TX].
..2 Leaflets 1.5-2× as long as wide; leaflet bases subcordate, slightly asymmetrical; leaflet lower surface densely tomentulose; corollas 23-25 mm long; [native of s. TX southwards, and introduced in s. FL]
..2 Leaflets (1.5-) 1.8-2.5× as long as wide; leaflet bases cuneate to rounded, usually strongly asymmetrical; leaflet lower surface sparsely pubescent at maturity; corollas (17-) 20-23 mm long; [of s. FL]
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