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Key to Stylosanthes

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1 Stems densely pubescent with short, viscid hairs
1 Stems glabrous or hispid (but never glandular-pubescent); [collectively widespread].
  2 Loment beak 0.5-1 mm long, incurved; loment 1-seeded (the basal segment sterile); free portion of the petiole (above the portion fused with the stipules into a sheath) 1-3 (-4) mm long; [widespread in our region, south to c. peninsular FL]
  2 Loment beak 1-2.5 mm long, either straight, incurved, or hooked; loment 1-2-seeded; free portion of the petiole (2-) 3-6 mm long; [FL peninsula only].
    3 Loment beak straight or slightly incurved; free portion of the petiole (2-) 3-4 mm long; loment 1-seeded (the basal segment sterile); [of marl prairies and pine rocklands in s. peninsular FL]
    3 Loment beak incurved or hooked; free portion of petiole 3-6 mm long; loment 2-seeded (except by unusual abortion of the basal segment); [common and weedy]
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