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Key to Tamarix

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1 Flowers 4-merous; [section Oligadenia].
  2 Petals 1.5-2.5 mm long; bracts subtending the pedicels diaphanous; young growth completely glabrous; [section Oligadenia; series Arbusculae]
  2 Petals 3.5-5 mm long; bracts subtending the pedicels herbaceous; young growth (especially the bracts and the raceme axis) papillose; [section Oligadenia; series Anisandrae]
1 Flowers 5-merous.
    3 Racemes 5-10 mm wide; [section Oligadenia].
      4 Bracts of the raceme linear to linear oblong, about equaling the pedicel; disk hololophic; young growth glabrous; [section Oligadenia; series Laxae]
      4 Bracts of the raceme lanceolate to ovate, exceeding the pedicel; disk synlophic, paralophic, or hololophic; young growth glabrous or papillose; [section Oligadenia; series Anisandrae].
        5 Young growth glabrous (except sometimes papillose on the raceme axis); disk synlophic; flowers with 5 antesepalous stamens and 0 antepetalous stamens
        5 Young growth papillose; disk hololophic to paralophic; flowers with 4-5 antesepalous stamens and 0-4 antepetalous stamens
    3 Racemes 3-5 mm wide; [section Tamarix].
          6 Young growth papillose; disk synlophic; [section Tamarix; series Canariensis]
          6 Young growth glabrous; disk synlophic or hololophic; [section Tamarix; section Gallicae].
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