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Key to Aizoaceae

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1 Leaves opposite, connate-perfoliate around the stem, triangular in cross-section; fruit a fleshy, indehiscent berry; [subfamily Ruschioideae]
1 Leaves opposite or alternate, sessile or short-petiolate, flattened in cross-section (though often succulent-thickened); fruit either a dry, indehiscent nut or a capsule.
..2 Leaves linear, lanceolate, or oblanceolate, the blade > 3× as long as wide; [subfamily Sesuvioideae]
..2 Leaves orbicular, obovate, or triangular-ovate, the blade < 2.5× as long as wide.
....3 Leaves opposite to subopposite; fruit a circumscissile capsule; [subfamily Sesuvioideae].
......4 Sepals lacking appendages; stamens 1-3 (-5); seeds ca. 150 per capsule
......4 Sepals appendaged; stamens 5-10; seeds 1-12 per capsule
....3 Leaves alternate; fruit either a loculicidal capsule or an indehiscent nut.
........5 Fruit a loculicidal capsule; ovary superior; stems densely covered with white scales; [subfamily Aizooideae]
........5 Fruit an indehiscent nut; ovary inferior; stems green; [subfamily Tetragonioideae]
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