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Key to Cleomaceae

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1 Stamens (8-) 10-27; petals notched or irregularly lacerate at the apex; gynophore (stipe of the pistil, above the calyx) 2-6 mm long; leaflets (1-) 3
1 Stamens 6 (except 14-25 in Corynandra); petals obtuse or acute at the apex; gynophore (stipe of the pistil, above the calyx) 1-80 mm long; leaflets 5-7 (3 in Peritoma serrulata).
..2 Plants with nodal spines (and sometimes with prickles on petioles and leaf veins).
..2 Plants lacking nodal spines and lacking prickles on petioles and leaf veins.
....3 Filaments fused to lower half of gynophore (evident from scars near the midpoint of the gynophore of fruiting specimens)
......4 Leaflets 3 throughout; petals usually purple; plants 30-80 cm tall; petiole 1.5-3.5 cm long; capsules glabrous, striate
......4 Leaflets 3 or 5 (at least some leaves with 5 leaflets present within a plant); petals white, sometimes purple; plants (50-) 90-150 cm tall; petiole 3.5-4.5 cm long (or longer); capsules glandular-pubescent
....3 Filaments free from gynophore
........5 Bracts subtending the pedicels minute
........5 Bracts subtending the pedicels with expanded blades, sometimes even trifoliolate.
..........6 Style 0.2-0.8 mm long; gynophore 3-12 mm; stamens 6; sepals fused ¼-½ their length
..........6 Style 1-1.2 mm long; gynophore obsolete; stamens 14-25; sepals free
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