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Key to Dryopteridaceae

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1 Leaf blades pentagonal in outline, ca. 1× as long as wide, the terminal pinna by far the largest; [introduced species, naturalized in moist ravines in SC]
1 Leaf blades lanceolate, oblong, or ovate in outline, 1.5× or more as long as wide.
..2 Costae rounded or flat on the upper surface; costae with dense, multicellular hairs
..2 Costae grooved on the upper surface; costae lacking hairs.
....3 Indusium reniform, attached laterally and with a sinus on one side
....3 Indusium peltate, round.
......4 Rhizomes creeping, leaves single; leaf blade < 40 cm long
......4 Rhizomes erect or ascending, leaves clustered; leaf blade > 40 cm.
........5 Veins anastamosing, rejoining to form a netlike pattern; pinnae 4-25 pairs per leaf; [non-native, rarely naturalized]
........5 Veins branching dichotomously, free, not rejoining to form a netlike pattern; pinnae 25-50 pairs on larger leaves; [plant a common native species]
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