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Key to Eriocaulaceae

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1 Scape glabrous, 10-110 cm tall at maturity; roots thickened, septate (not requiring magnification), unbranched; leaves with obvious air spaces; petals 2, fused below; stamens (3-) usually 4 (-6), the anthers black at maturity
1 Scape pubescent (or glabrous), 6-40 cm tall at maturity; leaves lacking obvious air spaces; roots fibrous or spongy, not septate; petals 3 or absent; stamens 2-3, the anthers yellow at maturity.
..2 Scape glabrous or pubescent with eglandular hairs; roots fibrous, branched, dark; heads white, gray, or brown; leaves bright green, tapering gradually through most of their lengths, herbaceous in texture
..2 Scape pubescent with glandular hairs (or a mixture of glandular and eglandular hairs); roots spongy, unbranched, pale; heads yellowish-tan or gray; leaves bluish green, narrowly linear to the abruptly flared base, stiff in texture
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