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Key to Fumariaceae

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1 Corolla with the 2 outer petals spurred or saccate at their bases; [tribe Corydaleae].
..2 Ultimate leaf segments 1-4 mm wide; plants with basal leaves only
..2 Ultimate leaf segments 5-70 mm wide; plants of reproductive age with stem leaves.
....3 Ultimate leaf segments 5-10 mm wide; herbaceous vine with stem leaves (stemless in its first year, and appearing to be an herb); [native]
....3 Ultimate leaf segments 20-70 mm wide; herb with basal and cauline leaves; [exotic, cultivated and rarely persistent or naturalized]
1 Corolla with only 1 outer petal spurred or saccate at its base.
......4 Ovary and fruit subglobose, with 1 seed; [tribe Fumarieae]
......4 Ovary and fruit elongate, with several to many seeds; [tribe Corydaleae].
........5 Flowers pink, the petals tipped with yellow; biennial; stem erect, 3-8 (-10) dm tall; capsules erect, 25-35 mm long
........5 Flowers yellow or entirely pink-purple or white; annual (biennial in C. incisa, perennial in Pseudofumaria lutea); stem erect, decumbent, or prostrate, 1-3 (-4) dm tall; capsules erect, ascending, divergent, or pendent, 10-20 (-25) mm long.
..........6 Annual or biennial; corollas yellow, pink-purple, or white
..........6 Perennial; corollas yellow
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