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Key to Liliaceae

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1 Leaves basal; flowers on a leafless scape; tepals yellow or white.
..2 Flowers in an umbel at the summit of a leafless scape; fruit a blue to black berry; [subfamily Medeoloideae]
..2 Flowers solitary and scapose; tepals yellow or white; fruit a green to tan capsule; [subfamily Lilioideae; tribe Tulipeae]
1 Leaves on a stem; flowers not scapose; tepals orange, red, rose, yellow, or white.
....3 Leaves whorled at 1 node or more.
......4 Leaves occurring at several nodes, these variously whorled and/or alternate; flowers orange, red, or yellow; fruit a green to tan capsule; [subfamily Lilioideae; tribe Lilieae]
......4 Leaves occurring in a single whorl, with fertile plants with a second whorl of leaflike bracts subtending the flowers; flowers yellow; fruit a blue berry; [subfamily Medeoloideae]
....3 Leaves alternate at all nodes.
........5 Leafy stem branched; fruit a red to whitish-tan berry; [subfamily Streptopoideae].
..........6 Stems brownish, wiry; inflorescence terminal; terminal 2 leaves on each branch usually closely approximate, appearing almost opposite
..........6 Stems green, rather succulent; inflorescence axillary; terminal 2 leaves on each branch separated
........5 Leafy stem unbranched; fruit a green to tan capsule; [subfamily Lilioideae].
............ 7 Leaves at 7 or more nodes; flowers with tepals recurved; flowers orange, red, or yellow (rarely white); [tribe Lilieae]
............ 7 Leaves at 1-6 nodes; flowers cup-shaped, the tepals incurved-erect; flowers of various colors; [tribe Tulipeae]
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