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Key to Meliaceae

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1 Leaves 2× odd-pinnately compound; fruit a drupe; [widely planted and naturalized in our area, especially southward]
1 Leaves 1× even-pinnately compound (sometimes 1× odd-pinnately compound); fruit a capsule; [either restricted to s. peninsular FL or rarely planted and naturalized].
..2 Leaflets 16-40; capsules 1.5-2 cm long, the 5 valves separating at the apex of the capsule (remaining fused to the receptacle); [rarely planted and naturalized]
..2 Leaflets 4-10; capsules 6-10 cm long, the 5 valves separating at the base of the capsule (remaining fused at the apex of the persistent column); [native (and planted), s. peninsular FL]
....3 Leaflets nearly symmetrical at the base
....3 Leaflets strongly oblique at the base
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