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Key to Myricaceae

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1 Leaves oblong or linear-lanceolate, pinnatifid, stipulate; fruit in a bristly involucre formed by 8 bractlets
1 Leaves mostly obovate or oblanceolate, entire or toothed (especially apically), estipulate; fruit either exposed and densely waxy (Morella), or partially enclosed in 2 wing-like bractlets (Myrica).
..2 Fruit spherical, densely waxy, exposed (the 4-6 bractlets small and inconspicuous); terminal buds present; aments inserted on old wood mainly below the leaves; [collectively common, especially Coastal Plain]
..2 Fruit flattened, not waxy, partially enclosed in 2 wing-like bractlets; terminal buds lacking; aments inserted at the summit of the branchlets of the preceding year; [rare, either in NC and VA and restricted to Mountain wetlands, or in PA and NJ and northwards]
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