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Key to Salicaceae

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1 Leaves glandular-punctate; inflorescences pedunculate cymes; flowers perigynous; seeds with a fleshy orange aril
1 Leaves non-glandular; inflorescences catkins, racemes, or fascicles or flowers solitary; flowers hypogynous; seeds glabrous, minutely hairy, or with a terminal aril (coma) of long silky hairs.
  2 Flowers bisexual, solitary; petals present, large (2.5-3.5 cm), white (Camellia-like); stamens 200-300; fruit a large (5-6 cm diameter) indehiscent dry “berry
  2 Flowers unisexual (the plants monoecious or dioecious), in catkins, racemes, or fascicles; petals absent; stamens 1-80; fruit a capsule or small (<2.5 cm diameter) berry or drupe.
    3 Flowers in catkins; perianth absent; fruit a capsule; seeds with a terminal aril (coma) of long silky hairs; stems not spiny; plants dioecious.
      4 Leaf blades 0.8-2 (-3)× as long as wide; stamens 5-80; buds covered by several, overlapping scales; flowering catkins arching or drooping
      4 Leaf blades (2-) 3-30× as long as wide; stamens 1-9; buds covered by a single scale; flowering catkins usually erect or ascending
    3 Flowers in axillary fascicles or racemes; perianth present; fruit a berry or drupe; seeds glabrous or minutely hairy; stems usually with simple or compound spines; plants monoecious or dioecious.
        5 Leaves coriaceous, the venation obscure; leaf apex usually tipped with a spine; leaf margin entire or with 1-3 divergent spines or coarse teeth; pedicel glabrous.
          6 Leaf apex acuminate, the acumen 5-10 mm long; leaves ovate to ovate-elliptic; 3-4 pairs of prominent secondary veins.
          6 Leaf apex obtuse, rounded, retuse, or obtusely short acuminate; leaves elliptic to obovate to oblong-obovate; 5-8 pairs of prominent secondary veins.
             7 Leaf base acute to obtuse; fruit a drupe, incompletely 2-6-celled, 8-10 (-25) mm diameter; style divided into 4-8 branches, spreading to reflexed; [horticultural escape]
             7 Leaf base attenuate to cuneate; fruit a berry, 5-6 mm diameter; style divided into 2-3 branches, erect; [native, s. TX].
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