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Key to Erythrostemon

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1 Perennial from a woody caudex, stems 2-5 dm tall; leaflets 0.9-1.6× as long as wide; terminal pinna with about 2× as many leaflet pairs (8-20) as the lateral pinnae (3-7)
1 Small trees or shrubs (sometimes straggling), stems 2-100 dm tall; leaflets 1.2-2.5× as long as wide; terminal pinna with about the same number of leaflet pairs as the lateral pinnae.
  2 Lateral pinna pairs 8-12 per leaf; leaflets 7-11 per lateral pinna
  2 Lateral pinna pairs 2-4 per leaf; leaflets 2-5 per lateral pinna.
    3 Shrub or tree, to 100 dm tall; leaflets 3-5 per lateral pinna; leaflets 8-20 (-25) mm long
    3 Scandent or straggling shrub, 2-5 dm tall; leaflets 2-3 per lateral pinna; leaflets 3-10 mm long
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