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McClelland, R.K.S., and A.S. Weakley. 2023. Trichostema coeruleum, a new name for the widespread and common species currently or recently known as Trichostema brachiatum or Isanthus brachiatus, and its placement in a new section Isanthus. In Weakley, A.S., J.C. Kees, B.A. Sorrie, S.G. Ward, D.B. Poindexter, M. Brock, L.D. Estes, E.L. Bridges, S.L. Orzell, G.A. Levin, R.K.S. McClelland, R.J. Schmidt, and S.A. Namestnik. 2023. Studies in the vascular flora of the southeastern United States. IX. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 17(1): 191-257.

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