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Joyce, E.M., M.S. Appelhans, S. Buerki, M. Cheek, J.M. de Vos, J.R. Pirani, A.R. Zuntini, J.B. Bachelier, M.J. Bayly, M.W. Callmander, M.F. Devecchi, S.K. Pell, M. Groppo, P.P. Lowry II, J. Mitchell, C.M. Siniscalchi, J. Munzinger, H.K. Orel, C.M. Pannell, L. Nauheimer, H. Sauquet, A. Weeks, A.N. Muellner-Riehl, I.J. Leitch. 2023. Phylogenomic analyses of Sapindales support new family relationships, rapid Mid-Cretaceous Hothouse diversification, and heterogeneous histories of gene duplication. Front. Plant Sci. 14: 1063174. , Olivier Maurin7 , Fe´ lix Forest 7 , Katharina Nargar 3,25, Kevin R. Thiele 26, William J. Baker 7† and Darren M. Crayn

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