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Sorrie, B.A., A.A. Crowl, P. Manos, and P.W. Fritsch. 2024 (in press). Vaccinium ashei: a species to be recognized. In Weakley, A.S., R.J. LeBlond, D.B. Poindexter, P.D. McMillan, B.A. Sorrie, C. Hallman, J.B. Fuller, E.L. Bridges, B.J. Budach, S.C. Carr, A.A. Crowl, P. Manos, P.W. Fritsch, M. Schori, S.L. Orzell, J.K. Wipff, L. Anderson Messec, B. Dellinger, E.A. Ungberg, N.D. Yawn, A.M. Cressler, T.W. Barger, R. Carter, I Copen, A. Jenkins, E.L. Hughes, J. Annis, W. Baker, and R.L. Mears. 2024 [in press]. Studies in the vsacular flora of the southeastern United States. X. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas.

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