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For Arceuthobium

Nickrent, D.L. 2016d. Viscaceae. In Flora of North America Editorial Committee. 2016. Flora of North America north of Mexico. Volume 12, Magnoliophyta: Vitaceae to Garryaceae. Oxford Univ. Press, New York, NY. 603 pp.

Schneider, H., S.J. Russell, C.J. Cox, F. Bakker, S. Henderson, F. Rumsey, J. Barrett, M. Gibby, and J.C. Vogel. 2004a. Chloroplast phylogeny of Asplenioid ferns based on rbcL and trnL-F spacer sequences (Polypodiidae, Aspleniaceae) and its implication for biogeography. Systematic Botany 29: 260-274.

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