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For Chionanthus

Dong, W., E. Li, Y. Liu, C. Xu, Y. Wang, K. Liu, X. Cui, J. Sun, Z. Suo, Z. Zhang, J. Wen, and S. Zhou. 2022. Phylogenomic approaches untangle early divergences and complex diversifications of the olive plant family. BMC Biology 20(1): 92.

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Li, Y.F., M. Zhang, X.-R. Wang, S.P. Sylvester, Q.-B. Xiang, X. Li, M. Li, H. Zhu, C. Zhang, L. Chen, X.-G. Yi, L.-F. Mao, and Y.-F. Duan. 2020. Revisiting the phylogeny and taxonomy of Osmanthus (Oleaceae) including description of the new genus Chengiodendron. Phytotaxa 436: 283-292.

Nesom. In prep. In FNA.

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