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For Ctenodon

Cardoso, D.B.O.S., C.M.J. Mattos, F. Filardi, A. Delgado-Salinas, M. Lavin, P.L.R. de Moraes, F. Tapia-Pastrana, H.C. de Lima. 2020. A molecular phylogeny of the pantropical papilionoid legume Aeschynomene supports reinstating the ecologically and morphologically coherent genus Ctenodon. Neodiversity 13: 1-38.

Cardoso, D.B.O.S., G. Ramos, B. São-Mateus, W. Messias, and L. Paganucci de Queiroz. 2019. Aeschynomene chicocesariana, a striking new unifoliolate legume species from the Brazilian Chapada Diamantina and its phylogenetic placement in the Dalbergioid clade. Systematic Botany 44: 810-817.