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Viola domestica E.P. Bicknell. Yard Violet. Hab: Suburban yards. Dist: MA and NY south to NC and MO, the distribution very poorly known because of past inclusion of this taxon in others.

ID notes: Among Borealiamericanae taxa with strictly or essentially glabrous foliage and leaf blades as broad as to broader than long (including some V. cucullata), V. domestica differs from V. nephrophylla in its glabrous spurred petal, sepals with acute apices and slightly prominent auricles, short ascending to erect cleistogamous peduncle, and commonly spotted seeds; from V. communis in its taller stature, light to medium green foliage with dull leaf blade surfaces, proportionally broader ovate leaf blades broadening to reniform-deltate with broadly and shallowly cordate to truncate base and prominently incurved-serrate margins, and proportionally more slender and merely acute sepals; from V. cucullata in shorter and less acuminate sepals with shorter auricles, no conspicuously contrasting dark purple eyespot on the corolla, lateral petal beards with long slender hairs, shorter cleistogamous peduncle, and commonly spotted seeds; and from V. sororia (var. 1 and var. 2) in its slender acute sepals with slightly prominent auricles, unspotted cleistogamous capsule on an ascending to erect peduncle, and commonly spotted seeds. In cleistogamous fruit, it can be separated from V. affinis and V. missouriensis in its acute eciliate sepals, slightly prominent auricles, unspotted cleistogamous capsule on an ascending to erect peduncle, and brown commonly spotted seeds; and from V. langloisii, V. pratincola, and V. retusa in its proportionally broader leaf blades with subcordate to truncate base shortly cuneate-decurrent onto the petiole, prominently incurved-serrate leaf blade margins, and merely acute sepals with weakly prominent auricles.

Origin/Endemic status: Garden origin

Taxonomy Comments: Perhaps a garden derivative of Viola communis and Viola sororia.

Synonymy: = Ballard, Kartesz, & Nishino (2023)

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