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Sibbaldiopsis Rydberg. Subfamily: Rosoideae. Tribe: Potentilleae. Subtribe: Fragariinae. Three-toothed Cinquefoil.

A monotypic genus, a dwarf shrub or also interpreted as a woody perennial herb, of Greenland and ne. North America. This species has been variously treated in Potentilla, Sibbaldiopsis, and Sibbaldia. Many recent studies (see references) have shown that it is not closely related to Potentilla, and falls into a group of genera including Sibbaldia, Comarum, Alchemilla, Aphanes, Drymocallis, Dasiphora, and Fragaria (Lundberg et al. 2009; Potter et al. 2007; Eriksson et al. 2003; Eriksson et al. 2015). Lundberg et al. (2009) and Paule & Soják (2009) further contended that Sibbaldiopsis is embedded in Sibbaldia and is best transferred there. Erikkson et al. (2015) showed that different components placed in Sibbaldia are not closely related; they somewhat equivocally included our species in Sibbaldia s.s., but mentioned the morphological differences and tetraploid chromosome number as making it somewhat discordant in Sibbaldia s.s. Until this is further resolved, it seems best to conservatively retain Sibbaldiopsis as a genus separate from Sibbaldia.

Ref: Eriksson et al. (2003); Eriksson et al. (2015); Ertter & Reveal (2014c) In Flora of North America Editorial Committee (2014); Ertter, Elven, & Reveal (2008); Feng et al. (2017); Lundberg et al. (2009); Paule & Soják (2009); Potter et al. (2007). Show full citations.

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