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Phacelia dubia (Linnaeus) Trelease var. dubia . Appalachian Phacelia. Phen: Apr-May; Jun. Hab: Floodplain forests, other moist and rich forests, rocky forests, fields, roadsides, granitic flatrocks. Dist: Var. dubia ranges from NY and PA west to WV, south to nc. SC, sw. NC, and se. TN, with scattered occurrences (perhaps adventive) further south, to FL Panhandle (L. Anderson, pers.comm., 2022).

Origin/Endemic status: Native

Taxonomy Comments: The Phacelia dubia complex has been under detailed biosystematic study by Foster Levy and associates (Levy 1991a, 199b, 1997; Levy et al. 1996; Levy & Malone 2001; Levy & Neal 2001; Taylor & Levy 2002; del Castillo 1994, 1998). Male sterile cytotypic variants are common in some populations but formal taxonomic recognition is not warranted (Levy 1991a, 1991b; del Castillo 1994, 1998). Additionally, an incipient variety, informally termed ‘imitator’, occurs in c. SC (Levy 1991a; Levy & Malone 2001). These populations are morphologically variable, some more similar to var. georgiana, others more similar to var. dubia; see Levy (1991a) for further discussion. They may warrant taxonomic recognition, as they are allopatric from each of the 3 named varieties, and show degrees of sterility when bred with each of the three, but morphologic differences have not evolved (Levy & Malone 2001).

Synonymy: = K1, K3, K4, Tn, Va, Levy & Malone (2001), Levy (1991a); < Phacelia dubia (L.) Trel. – C, F, NY, Pa, RAB, S, Tat, W, WV; < Phacelia dubia (L.) Trel. var. dubia – Constance (1949); > Phacelia dubia (L.) Trel. var. dubia – G; > Phacelia dubia (L.) Trel. var. fallax (Fernald) Gleason – G

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