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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
GeraniaceaeGeranium aequaleDisturbed areas.Native of w. Europe. Reported by Aedo (2012) for nc. KY, Coastal Plain of NJ, and other areas north of our area.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium bicknelliiNorthern Cranebill, Bicknell’s Crane’s-billOpen woods and clearings, rock outcrops.NL (Newfoundland) and AK south to PA, WV, IN, IL, MO, CO, UT, and CA; previous reports for TN (Davidson and Johnson counties) are based on misidentifications (Wofford, pers. comm. 2011).image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium carolinianumCarolina Crane's-BillFields, roadsides, lawns, pastures, gardens, disturbed areas.MA, MI, WY, and BC south to FL, CA, and n. Mexico (and introduced in various places in the Old and New World).image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium columbinumLong-stalk Crane's-billRoadsides, pastures, disturbed areas.Native of Europe.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium dissectumCutleaf Crane's-billRoadsides, pastures, disturbed areas.Native of Europe, c. Asia, n. Africa.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium ibericumIberian Crane's-billSpread from horticultural use.Native of Europe. Recently found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in both NC and TN (K. Langdon, pers. comm.)image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium maculatumWild GeraniumCove forests, bottomland forests, other mesic, base-rich forests; sometimes also cultivated.ME west to MB, south to SC, GA, FL Panhandle (Gadsden County) (Kunzer et al. 2009) and ne. OK.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium molleDove's-foot Crane's-billRoadsides, pastures, disturbed areas.Native of Europe and w. Asia. Reported for MS (Majure et al. 2011).image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium pratenseMeadow Crane’s-billDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia. Reported for MD (Prince Georges County) (Kartesz 2010), but the specimen is G. maculatum.
GeraniaceaeGeranium pusillumSmall-flowered Crane's-billRoadsides, pastures, disturbed areas.Native of Europe, c. Asia, and n. Africa.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium robertianumHerb RobertRocky woodlands, especially over calcareous rocks.NF west to MB, south to e. MD, w. VA, e. WV, c. and e. TN, IN, IL, and MN; Europe, c. Asia, e. Asia, n. Africa, and naturalized elsewhere. Considered by some authors (such as C and G) to be introduced in North America, but apparently native based on its occurrence in remote and high quality natural communities with no other alien species and no likely means of introduction.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium rotundifoliumRoundleaved Crane's-BillDisturbed areas.Native of Mediterranean Europe, n. Africa, and w. Asia.
GeraniaceaeGeranium sanguineumBlood-red Crane's-BillRoadbanks, roadsides, persistent or spread from cultivation.Native of Europe.image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium sibiricumSiberian Crane's-BillDisturbed areas, roadsides.Native of Eurasia. Naturalized south to s. PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993; Rhoads & Block 2007) and Page County in montane VA (Virginia Botanical Associates 2018).image of plant
GeraniaceaeGeranium texanumTexas Crane's-bill, Texas GeraniumClayey or sandy soils; eastwards in disturbed areas.OK and sw. AR south to w. KA and c. and s. TX. See Diamond (2021) for discussion of its occurrence in Alabama.
GeraniaceaeGeranium thunbergiiDewdrop Cranebill, Thunberg's CranebillField edges, disturbed areas, lawns along the Blue Ridge Parkway (NC).Native of e. Asia. First reported for NC by Nesom (2000) on the basis of a 1936 specimen.image of plant

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