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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeHeterotheca camporum var. camporumGolden-asterPrairies, glades, disturbed areas.IN and IL south to se. MO and ne. AR.image of plant
AsteraceaeHeterotheca camporum var. glandulissimaNashville Camphorweed, Lemon-yellow GoldenasterRoadsides, disturbed areas, shale roadsides, outcrops, and quarries.Native range is postulated to be KY through c. TN to n. AL; now more widespread.image of plant
AsteraceaeHeterotheca canescensHoary GoldenasterLoess hill prairies, roadsides, disturbed open areas.MO, KS, and CO south to s. TX and s. NM.image of plant
AsteraceaeHeterotheca scabrifoliaRocky grasslands and prairies.Sc. NE south through c. and w. KS to w. and sc. OK, TX Panhandle and nc. TX.
AsteraceaeHeterotheca subaxillarisCamphorweedCoastal dunes and sand-flats, roadsides, disturbed areas.NJ, PA, IN, IL, SD, UT and CA south to FL, TX, and Mexico.image of plant

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