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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
SolanaceaeLycium barbarumCommon Matrimony-vine, Wolfberry, Goji Berry, Ningxia GojiOld fields, fencerows, alluvial thickets and clearings, old home sites, along railroad tracks, and in other disturbed areas.Native of s. Europe.image of plant
SolanaceaeLycium berlandieriSilver Desert-thorn, Cilindrillo, Berlandier WolfberryDry limestone, clay, and saline habitats.Nw. TX, w. OK, and NM south through s. TX and w. TX to c. Mexico.image of plant
SolanaceaeLycium carolinianumChristmas-berry, Carolina Matrimony-vine, Carolina WolfberryShell middens, shell mounds, shelly sand dunes, brackish marshes, maritime sand spits.Se. SC (where not recently seen; its occurrence there is based on being named by Walter [1788] and Elliott’s [1816] statement "found by Mr. Wm. Bartram, in the saline rushy marshes of Carolina") and e. GA south to FL, west to e. TX, south to s. Mexico; also in the West Indies.image of plant
SolanaceaeLycium chinenseChinese Matrimony-vine, Wolfberry, Goji BerryOld home sites, roadsides, disturbed thickets.Native of China.image of plant

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