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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeOrbexilum lupinellusLupine Scurfpea, Lupine LeatherrootLongleaf pine sandhills.A Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic, ranging from sc. and se. NC, south to c. peninsular FL, s. AL, and e. GA.image of plant
FabaceaeOrbexilum macrophyllumBigleaf ScurfpeaWooded slopes of mountain on Blue Ridge escarpment, precise habitat not known (probably nutrient-rich dry woodlands).This species was discovered on 18 June 1897 and subsequently collected on 8 June 1899 by E.C. Townsend, somewhere on the double peak of Tryon Mountain and White Oak Mountain, Polk County, NC, a phytogeographically interesting area with disjunct, endemic, and relictual species largely of midwestern affinities. It is currently presumed to be extinct, following a number of unsuccessful attempts to relocate it.
FabaceaeOrbexilum onobrychisLanceleaf ScurfpeaCalcareous or mafic woodlands and barrens, prairies.Primarily a species of prairies and prairie-like areas of OH and KY west to se. IA and e. MO, O. onobrychis also occurs (at least formerly) as rare disjunct populations south to Mountains of w. NC (Sawyersville, 1891), w. VA, e. TN, the Interior Low Plateau of c. TN and nw. AL, and the Interior Highlands of n. AR. No basis can be found for the alleged occurrence of this species in Spartanburg County, SC.image of plant
FabaceaeOrbexilum pedunculatumWestern Sampson's-snakerootOpen woodlands, bluffs, prairies.S. OH, s. IN, s. IL, c. MO, and se. KS, south to sw. NC, sc. SC, sw. GA, w. Panhandle FL, s. AL, s. LA, and e. TX.image of plant
FabaceaeOrbexilum psoralioidesEastern Sampson's-snakerootLongleaf pine savannas, loamy longleaf pine sandhills, open woodlands.Primarily on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, ranging from e. VA to ne. FL and Panhandle FL, inland to the Piedmont of NC and SC.image of plant
FabaceaeOrbexilum stipulatumRiver-scoured limestone glades.So far as is known, once endemic to Rock Island in the Ohio River, Jefferson Co., KY, and now presumed extinct because of near obliteration of the only known site by dam-building and industrial construction (Baskin, Isely, & Baskin 1986).
FabaceaeOrbexilum virgatumSlender Leather-rootLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods.Se. GA (or SC?) south to ne. FL. A collection by Allen Hiram Curtiss is labeled as from SC.image of plant
FabaceaeOrbexilum simplexLeather-rootPrairies, open woodlands.AR and OK south to s. AL, MS, e. and w. LA, and e. TX; perhaps disjunct in IL (the single old specimen documenting its occurrence in IL also speculated as being a mislabeling).

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