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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
MalvaceaeSida abutilifoliaCreeping Sida, Spreading FanpetalsRockland hammocks (FL), coastal rock barrens (FL), rocky or sandy grasslands or woodlands, dry disturbed areas.S. FL; West Indies; sw. United States (OK, TX, NM, AZ) south through Mexico and Central America to South America. Sometimes (unwarrantedly) considered all or partly introduced in the United States.
MalvaceaeSida antillensisWest Indian SidaDisturbed coastal uplands, sandy areas.S. FL (where possibly only introduced); West Indies; Central America.
MalvaceaeSida ciliarisBracted Sida, Fringed Sida, Salmon SidaDry open areas, disturbed areas.E., se., and s. TX south to Mexico; West Indies; South America.
MalvaceaeSida cordataWaif on ore piles.Native of tropical and subtropical Asia.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida cordifoliaMalva Blanca, Greatleaf Sida, LlimaDisturbed sandhills, disturbed hammocks, roadsides, disturbed areas.Native of Old World tropics (perhaps India).
MalvaceaeSida elliottii var. elliottiiCoastal Plain SidaStream banks, sandy openings, pineland pond margins, limestone glades and barrens, mesic hammocks.Var. elliottii ranges from se. VA south to n. FL, west to LA and north in the interior to c. TN and se. MO.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida elliottii var. parvifloraChapmanā€™s SidaPine rocklands, mesic pine flatwoods, disturbed uplands.Peninsular FL; se. TX south into montane e. Mexico to Guatemala.
MalvaceaeSida glabraSmooth SidaAgricultural areas.Native of Neotropics.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida lindheimeriShowy SidaBeaches, open sandy areas, open woodlands, scrub, disturbed areas.Native of TX south into Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, TAM, VER).
MalvaceaeSida linifoliaFlaxleaf SidaOn ballast, last collected in 1886 and seemingly only a waif.Native of West Indies.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida littoralisFlorida SidaMaritime hammocks, disturbed open areas.Apparently endemic to c. peninsular FL (Lee County, Captiva and La Costa islands)
MalvaceaeSida planicaulisFlatstem Sida, Brazilian WireweedDisturbed oak hammocks.Native of Brazil.
MalvaceaeSida rhombifolia var. rhombifoliaArrowleaf Sida, AxocatzinRoadsides, fields, gardens, disturbed areas.Southeastern North America west to TX, south through Mexico, Central America, and n. South America; West Indies; the original distribution of this species is uncertain, but Fryxell & Hill in FNA (2015) suggest it is native to the Old World tropics.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida rubromarginataRedleaf SidaDisturbed areas.Endemic to peninsular FL (reported from Leon, Hillsborough and Sarasota counties).
MalvaceaeSida santaremensisBrazilian Sida, Moth FanpetalsSandy disturbed areas.Native of South America.
MalvaceaeSida spinosaPrickly Sida, Prickly-mallow, False-mallowDisturbed areas, wet fields.Native of the Neotropics and Paleotropics.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida tragiifoliaOn limestone or caliche.S. TX, w. TX, and s. AZ south to n. Mexico (CHH, COA, NLE, SON, TAM).
MalvaceaeSida ulmifoliaBroomweed, WireweedDisturbed areas.Native of the Tropics, the original northern limit uncertain. Usually considered native in peninsular FL, but the area of nativity uncertain.image of plant
MalvaceaeSida urensBristly Sida, Tropical FanpetalsDisturbed areas.Native of tropical America. Discovered as an introduction in Broward County in 2008 (Fryxell & Hill 2015m).image of plant

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