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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeVernonia ×georgianaGeorgia IronweedLongleaf pine sandhills.NC to GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia acaulisFlatwoods IronweedLongleaf pine flatwoods, moist ecotones, and moister sandhill situations, in the Piedmont in dry rocky woodlands, hardpan woodlands, bluffs, and barrens.Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont of ne. and nc. NC south to sc. GA (Thomas and Grady counties). The single apparent record from FL is a collection listed from Polk County (P.O. Schallert 880) with no additional locality information. The specimen is indeed V. acaulis, but it is likely that the locality information of this specimen was not assigned correctly. Schallert notoriously misapplied specimen numbers and localities to the wrong collections, and given the disparate collection localities and chronological disorder adjacent to this collection (in addition to far disjunction), we consider the c. FL record to be in error. The specimen of Schallerts could literally have been collected from anywhere in the southeastern US based upon his other collections.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia angustifolia var. angustifoliaCarolina Sandhill Ironweed, Carolina Slender IronweedLongleaf pine sandhills.Se. and sc. NC south to GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia angustifolia var. mohriiFlorida Sandhill Ironweed, Florida Slender IronweedLongleaf pine sandhills.Sw. GA and Panhandle FL south to c. peninsular FL and west to s. AL and s. MS.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia angustifolia var. scaberrimaGeorgia Sandhill Ironweed, Georgia Slender IronweedLongleaf pine sandhills.Se. SC south to se. GA.
AsteraceaeVernonia arkansanaArkansas IronweedStreambanks and gravel bars; eastwards introduced on roadsides and other open habitats.Sw. IA, MO and e. KS south to AR and OK. Introduced eastwards in e. NC on roadsides. Also introduced, apparently accidentally, in s meadow at Patuxent NWR, Anne Arundel County, MD.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia baldwinii var. baldwiniiWestern IronweedPrairies, open ground.W. KY, sw. IL, and se. KS south to sw. AR and se. OK.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia baldwinii var. interiorGreat Plains IronweedPrairies, glades, pastures, disturbed areas.IA, NE, and SD, south to w. AR, nw. LA, and TX.
AsteraceaeVernonia blodgettiiBlodgett’s Ironweed, Florida IronweedPine rocklands, pine flatwoods.S. peninsular FL; Bahamas.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia fasciculata var. fasciculataSmooth IronweedWet prairies, moist open ground.KY and OH west to MB and CO.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia flaccidifoliaUpland deciduous forests and woodlands, woodland borders.C. and nw. GA, se. TN, and ne. and c. AL (Urbatsch 1972).image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia giganteaCommon Ironweed, Giant IronweedPastures, bottomlands, streamsides, moist thickets, roadsides, disturbed wet or dry sands.W. NY, s. MI and e. NE south to SC, FL, and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia glaucaAppalachian Ironweed, Tawny IronweedPastures, bottomlands, streamsides, roadsides, dry woods and slopes, powerlines and cleared forests.NJ and PA south to GA, AL, and MS.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia lettermaniiLetterman's Ironweed, Narrowleaf IronweedGravel bars.AR and OK, broadly Ouachitan.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia lindheimeriLindheimer's Ironweed, Woolly IronweedBlackland prairies, limestone outcrops.Sw. AR south to sc. TX.
AsteraceaeVernonia marginataPlains IronweedAlong streams, low areas, wet pastures.Sw. KS and CO south to c. and w. TX, NM, AZ, and n. Mexico (CHH, COA).image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia missuricaMissouri IronweedWet hammocks, prairies, glades.IN, c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), GA (FNA), and Panhandle FL, west to se. IA, e. KS, OK, and TX.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia noveboracensisNew York IronweedPastures, bottomlands, streamsides, swales, wet meadows and thickets, margins of serpentine barrens, other alluvial and open or disturbed habitats.MA and NY south to ne. and e. Panhandle FL and AL.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia ovalifoliaOval-leaf IronweedRich woods, stream banks.Sw. GA south to Panhandle FL and c. peninsular FL. Naturalizing in coastal SC from horticultural plantings (D.C. Payne, pers. comm., 2017).image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia pulchellaPretty IronweedLongleaf pine sandhills.Se. SC (Beaufort and Jasper counties) south to se. GA.image of plant
AsteraceaeVernonia texanaTexas IronweedLongleaf pinelands, {other habitats}.S. MS west to OK and TX.image of plant

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