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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeZea mays ssp. maysCorn, MaizeVery commonly cultivated, rarely volunteering in old fields or around trashpiles, common in cultivation, rare as a short-lived escape.Native of Mexico. Zea is one of the most important cultivated plants in the world, originating in Mexico, probably from Zea mays ssp. parviglumis Iltis & Doebley.image of plant
PoaceaeZea mays ssp. mexicanaChalco Teosinte, Nobogame TeosinteFields, other disturbed areas.Reported for AL (Kartesz 1999) and FL (Hansen & Wunderlin 2006).
PoaceaeZea mays ssp. parviglumisGuerrero Teosinte, Balsas TeosinteDisturbed areas, cultivated as a novelty.Native of Mexico.
PoaceaeZea perennisMexican TeosinteDisturbed areas; apparently established at least formerly.Native to Jalisco, Mexico. Z. perennis was considered by Hitchcock & Chase (1951) to be "established on James Island, S.C.".image of plant

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