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3 results for genus: Carex. section: [26b] Section 2 Heleoglochin. More search options
FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeCarex decompositaCypress-knee Sedge, Epiphytic SedgeBlackwater swamp forests, often growing on cypress knees, cypress bases, or fallen logs (often at or near water level), river sloughs, beaver marshes, less typically inland in sloughs or in depressions in bedrock river scour.NY west to MI, south to sw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), Panhandle FL, and TX; rarely disjunct inland from the Coastal Plain, especially in river sloughs or beaver marshes (Bradley et al. [in prep.]).image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex diandraLesser Tussock SedgeSwamps, bogs, peaty sedge meadows, especially over limestone.Circumboreal, south in North America to w. MD, PA, TN, OH, IL, CO, CA; also reported from TN on the basis of a destroyed specimen.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex praireaPrairie SedgeCalcareous fens and spring marshes, wet prairies, marshes, bottomlands.QC west to YT, south to NJ, w. VA, OH, NE, MT, and BC.image of plant

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