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2 results for genus: Carex. section: [26ccc] Section 40 Clandestinae. More search options
FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeCarex pedunculataLongstalk SedgeNutrient-rich dry to mesic forests, usually over calcareous or mafic rocks.NL (Newfoundland), SK, and ND, south to NJ, w. VA, sw. NC (Gaddy et al. 1984), nw. SC (Gaddy et al. 1984), nw. GA (Dade County) (Jones & Coile 1988), n. AL, c. IN, c. IL, and n. IA.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex richardsoniiRichardson’s SedgeOpen meadows over serpentine; westwards in moist prairies, hill prairies, sand dunesVT west to AB, south to DC, MD, OH, IN, IA, and SD.image of plant

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