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2 results for genus: Carex. section: [26j] Section 7 Ammoglochin. More search options
FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeCarex arenariaSand SedgeMoist to dry sandy hammocks; probably introduced from Europe.In North America, known from DE south to se. NC; also on ballast in OR (Mackenzie 1931-1935). Fernald (1950) considered this plant native in se. VA, and populations of it in Carolina Beach State Park, New Hanover County, NC, certainly appear native.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex siccataBronze SedgeDry upland habitats.ME and NT south to NJ, WV, OH, IL, MN, and AZ.image of plant

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