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7 results for genus: Carex. section: [26rr] Section 31 Lupulinae. More search options
FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeCarex giganteaGiant SedgeSwamps, bottomland forests, cypress depressions.DE south to s. FL, west to e. TX, north in the interior to nw. GA (Jones & Coile 1988), IN and OK.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex grayiGray’s SedgeBottomland forests, tidal swamps.Sw. QC west to WI and IA, south to nw. GA and OK; disjunct in Panhandle FL.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex intumescens var. fernaldiiFernald’s Bladder SedgeSpruce-fir forests, northern hardwood forests, grassy balds.NL (Newfoundland) west to MB, south to NY, n. PA, MI, MN, and, at higher elevations in the Appalachians, to w. VA, w. NC, and e. TN.
CyperaceaeCarex intumescens var. intumescensBladder Sedge, Pregnant SedgeBogs, fens, seeps, wet forests.NS west to WI, south to c. peninsular FL and e. TX.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex louisianicaLouisiana SedgeFloodplain forests and other wet forests.NJ south to ne. FL, Panhandle FL, west to TX, north in the interior to KY, IN, and MO; disjunct in ne. OH. McAvoy (2021) documented the occurrence of the species in DE.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex lupuliformisUmbo Sedge, False Hop SedgeWet forests, floodplain pools, blackwater, tidal, and brownwater swamps, riverbanks, especially in or around seasonal ponded areas, maybe especially associated with alkaline areas.VT and QC west to se. WI, south to s. FL and e. TX.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex lupulinaHop SedgeBottomland forests, wet meadows, marshes, swamps.NS west to MN, south to ne. FL and e. TX.image of plant

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