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6 results for genus: Carex. section: [26xx] Section 37 Ceratocystis. More search options
FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
CyperaceaeCarex cryptolepisYellow SedgeAcid, boggy sites.NL west to MN, south to NJ, NY, s. OH, c. IN, and ne. IL.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex flavaYellow SedgeCalcareous fens and seeps.Circumboreal, ranging south in North America to NJ, PA, IN, ID, and BC; disjunct in sw. VA (Giles County). First reported for VA by Wieboldt et al. (1998).image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex luteaGolden SedgeWet pine savannas shallowly underlain by coquina limestone, with open canopy of Taxodium ascendens, Pinus palustris, and Liriodendron tulipifera, also more acid substrates in Panhandle FL, where in wet pineland ecotones between sandhills and small stream swamps.Known from isolated locations in NC, SC, and FL. Originally thought to be endemic to Pender and Onslow counties, NC (where associated with other narrow endemics, such as Thalictrum cooleyi and Allium species 1, and other rare species, such as Plantago sparsiflora, Parnassia caroliniana, Rhynchospora thornei, and others), but discovered in 2021 in e. SC (Francis Marion NF) and Panhandle FL.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex viridistellataCalcareous fens.C. MI and n. IN south to extreme s. OH and c. IN.image of plant
CyperaceaeCarex viridula ssp. oedocarpaWet, acid areas.Native of Europe.
CyperaceaeCarex viridula ssp. viridulaGreen SedgeCalcareous sand flats, pond shores, fens.Circumboreal, south in North America to n. NJ, e. PA, nw. PA, c. OH, n. IN, ne. IL, WI, SD, NM, UT, and CA.image of plant

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