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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
FabaceaeAcmispon helleriCarolina Prairie-trefoilDry woodlands and openings, originally probably limited to prairie-like sites (fire-maintained, post oak-blackjack oak savannas), generally on clayey soils, now primarily seen on roadbanks, along railroads, and in powerline rights-of-way, where mowing and bush-hogging have replaced fire as the force keeping the habitat open, sunny, and suitable for this plant of prairie affinities.A. helleri is endemic to the Piedmont of extreme sc. VA, NC, SC, and ne. GA.image of plant
FabaceaeAcmispon americanusWestern Prairie-trefoilPrairies, glades, bluff-tops, roadsides; eastwards a waif, as near wool waste-combing mills, other disturbed areas.MB and SK south to w. LA and c. TX; also BC south to s. CA, AZ, NM, and Mexico.image of plant

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