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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LamiaceaeAgastache foeniculumLavender Giant-hyssop, Blue Giant-hyssopDisturbed areas, spread from cultivation.Native of w. North America. Cultivated as an ornamental and naturalized in scattered locations in PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993), KY (Kartesz 1999), and elsewhere.image of plant
LamiaceaeAgastache nepetoidesYellow Giant-hyssopWoodlands and forests, generally over calcareous or mafic rocks.VT west to MN, south to nw. GA and OK.image of plant
LamiaceaeAgastache rugosaKorean Mint, Purple Giant-hyssopRoadbanks, disturbed areas, escaped from horticultural use.Native of Korea. Reported for several sites in VA (Virginia Botanical Associates 2019).image of plant
LamiaceaeAgastache scrophulariifoliaPurple Giant-hyssopRich woodlands and forests, bottomlands.VT west to MN, south to NC, e. TN, n. GA, and e. KS.image of plant

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