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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
BetulaceaeAlnus crispaGreen Alder, Mountain AlderGrassy balds, shrub balds, spruce-fir forests, and rock outcrops at high elevations (1600-1900m) in the Roan Mountain Massif, Mitchell and Avery counties, NC and Carter County, TN.Greenland to NT south to MA, NY (Adirondacks), n. MI, n. WI, c. MN, SK, and AB; disjunct in montane PA; disjunct on the Roan Mountain massif (Mitchell and Avery counties, NC and Carter County, TN).image of plant
BetulaceaeAlnus glutinosaBlack Alder, European AlderDisturbed areas, suburban woodlands, wetland restoration areas (where sometimes planted and spreading).Native of Europe. Sometimes cultivated, especially northward, and naturalizing in wetlands southwards at least to e. TN and w. NC. Also been reported for Morgan County, TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997). Reported as well-established in Washington County VA (Virginia Botanical Associates 2018).image of plant
BetulaceaeAlnus maritima ssp. georgiensisGeorgia AlderStanding water of Ridge-and-Valley spring run.Endemic to a single site in Bartow County, GA.image of plant
BetulaceaeAlnus maritima ssp. maritimaSeaside Alder, Delmarva AlderEcotones between fresh tidal marshes and tidal swamps, open-canopy Atlantic white cedar swamps, streambanks, ponds, shores.Endemic to five counties in the Delmarva Peninsula of MD and DE.image of plant
BetulaceaeAlnus maritima ssp. oklahomensisOklahoma AlderEndemic to Johnston and Pontotoc counties, sc. OK.image of plant
BetulaceaeAlnus rugosaSpeckled AlderSwamps, wet thickets, marshes, alluvial shores, other seepy or saturated wetlands. Braided streamhead seepage swamps (in VA).NL west to SK, south to e. MD, w. VA, WV, IN, n. IL, ne. IA, MN, and e. ND.image of plant
BetulaceaeAlnus serrulataTag Alder, Smooth Alder, Hazel AlderStreambanks, bogs, wet thickets, pondshores, lakeshores.NS west to s. QC, MO, and OK, south to ne. FL, Panhandle FL, and TX.image of plant

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