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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ApocynaceaeAmsonia ciliataSandhill BluestarLongleaf pine sandhills, other dry woodlands and openings.Se. NC south to c. peninsular FL, west to c. and s. AL; curiously disjunct in the Ozark-Ouachita highlands of sc. MO, w. AR, and se. OK; material from sc. and w. OK and TX sometimes included in A. ciliata is here considered a separate species, A. texana (A. Gray) Heller.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia glaberrimaGulf Bluestar, Pond BluestarSeasonally flooded depression wetlands and moist pinelands.S. AL, s. MS, s. LA, and se. TX.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia hubrichtiiHubricht's BluestarGravel bars along streams.Endemic to the Interior Highlands of AR and OK.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia illustrisOzark Bluestar, Shining BluestarGravel bars along streams, glades and upland woodlands.MO and KS south to AR, OK, and TX. Reported for the Coastal Plain of KY, plausible as native there, but perhaps introduced.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia ludovicianaLouisiana BluestarMesic forests and woodlands.So far as is known, endemic to LA, MS, and e. TX (Doffett et al. 2014); not native or naturalized in SC, contrary to Kartesz (1999).image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia repensCreeping BluestarPrairies.W. LA west to ec. TX and e. OK (approaching sw. AR).image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia rigidaStiff Bluestar, Pond BluestarSeasonally flooded depression wetlands and moist pinelands.S. GA to n. peninsular FL, west to s. MS.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia salicifoliaGattinger's BluestarRich forests, rocky forests, riverside scours.IL, MO, and se. KS south to (?) ne. TX, and apparently disjunct in the Interior Low Plateau of sc. KY, c. TN (Chester, Wofford, & Kral 1997), and in n. GA.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia salpignanthaTrumpet Slimpod, Tubular BluestarLimestone hills.Eastern edge of Edwards Plateau, TX, west to e. Trans-Pecos, TX, and south into CHH.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia species 2Lithonia BluestarOpen woodlands around outcrops of Lithonia granitic gneiss.Endemic to GA Piedmont.
ApocynaceaeAmsonia tabernaemontanaWideleaf Blue-starsFloodplain forests, moist, rich slope forests.Se. VA west to s. IL, MO, and KS, south to GA, LA, e. OK, and TX.image of plant
ApocynaceaeAmsonia texanaTexas BluestarDry woodlands, prairies, rocky hillsides and ridges.OK south to TX.image of plant

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