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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
RanunculaceaeAnemone berlandieriEastern Prairie Anemone, Ten-petal AnemoneThin, circumneutral soils around rock outcrops, calcareous glades, calcareous hammocks (in FL), calcareous bluffs, chalk outcrops & thin-soiled black-belt prairies, lawns and mowed roadsides (over calcareous soils).A. berlandieri is primarily a species of midwestern prairies, occurring from n. AR and s. KS south through OK to c. LA and s. TX; disjunct eastward in AL, c. GA, n. FL, c. NC, c. SC, and sc. VA. It reaches its northeastern limit (and only VA occurrence) at calcareous mudstone cliffs on the Banister River (Pittsylvania County); it is scattered in the Piedmont of NC on a variety of rock types, including mafic meta-argillite and plagioclase-rich granite.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone blandaGreek Anemone, Grecian WindflowerGarden escape.Reported by Harvill et al. (1992) from Madison County, VA and for Fauquier County, VA as "an escape" by Shetler & Orli (2000). It is not known whether this species is truly naturalized in our area.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone carolinianaPrairie Anemone, Carolina AnemoneClayey soils of post oak and blackjack oak woodlands (Iredell soils), calcareous glades and barrens, wet meadows.Wc. IN, n. IL, WI, MN, and SD south to s. LA and e. and c. TX; disjunct east of the Mississippi River in c. NC south to s. GA, and c. TN south to s. AL.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone cylindricaThimbleweed, Candle AnemonePrairies and woodlands.ME, QC, and BC, south to n. NJ, c. PA, c. OH, c. IN, s. IL, w. MO, ne. KS, CO, NM, and AZ.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone lancifoliaLanceleaf AnemoneRich, moist soils on slopes or in bottomlands.Appalachian: w. MD and n. WV south to n. GA, in and near the Appalachians.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone minimaTiny AnemoneAcidic forests, acid moist areas, such as under Alnus serrulata along small streams.A Southern Appalachian endemic: VA and WV south to NC and TN.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone quinquefoliaWood AnemoneRich, moist forests, grassy balds, often abundant at high elevations.NL, QC, ON, MB, SK, and AB south to SC, GA, AL, MS, AR, and ne. SD.image of plant
RanunculaceaeAnemone ranunculoidesYellow Woodland AnemoneRich moist forests.Native of Europe. Reported as naturalized in Bourbon County, KY (Brock 2020).
RanunculaceaeAnemone virginiana var. albaCalcareous rocks and woodlandsThis variety ranges south to se. NY and n. NJ. Reports form PA are based on misidentifications (S. Grund, pers.comm., 2023).
RanunculaceaeAnemone virginiana var. virginianaTall Anemone, ThimbleweedRich forests and woodlands, prairies, especially prevalent on circumneutral soils.NL (Newfoundland), ME, s. ON, and SK, south to GA, AL, MS, LA, OK, and WY.image of plant

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