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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ApiaceaeAngelica atropurpureaPurple Angelica, Great AngelicaMarshes, fens, sedge meadows, seeps, riverbanks, streambanks, moist roadsides, ditches.S. NL (Labrador) west to WI and MN, south to NL (Newfoundland), NS, DE, MD, WV, OH, IN, IL, and ne. IA (and in the mountains to ne. TN and w. NC – the NC occurrences have sometimes been speculated to be naturalized).image of plant
ApiaceaeAngelica dentataSandhill AngelicaLongleaf pine sandhills, pine flatwoods.Sw. GA, sc. GA, and e. Panhandle FL.image of plant
ApiaceaeAngelica lucidaSeacoast AngelicaBeaches and near-shore forests and openings.NL south to NY (Long Island); nw. North America, AK south to n. CA; ne. Asia. Reported by Harvill et al. (1992) for Warren County, VA; more information is needed to substantiate this surprising record, presumably from cultivation.image of plant
ApiaceaeAngelica triquinataMountain Angelica, Appalachian AngelicaMesic forests (especially northern hardwoods, spruce-fir, high elevation red oak) at moderate to high elevations, grassy balds, brookbanks.PA south to sw. NC, se. TN, and n. GA, a Southern and Central Appalachian endemic.image of plant
ApiaceaeAngelica venenosaHairy Angelica, Deadly Angelica, Woodland AngelicaDry forests and woodlands, woodland borders, longleaf pine sandhills, hammocks, prairies, oak savannas.MA west to MN, south to Panhandle FL, MS, and AR.image of plant

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