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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ApocynaceaeApocynum androsaemifoliumSpreading DogbaneForests, woodlands, prairies, flood-scour, roadsides, pastures.NL (Newfoundland) to BC south to w. NC, nw. SC (Bradley et al. [in prep.]), c. GA, TX, AZ, and n. Mexico (CHH, COA, SON).image of plant
ApocynaceaeApocynum cannabinumHemp Dogbane, Indian-hempForests, woodlands, roadsides, pastures.QC, MB, and WA south to FL, TX, CA, and c. Mexico.image of plant
ApocynaceaeApocynum floribundumForests, woodlands, roadsides, pastures.NF (Newfoundland) west to BC, south to GA, TX, CA, and Mexico (CHH, NLE).image of plant
ApocynaceaeApocynum sibiricumClasping-leaved DogbaneForests, woodlands, riverside scour areas, roadsides, pastures.NL (Newfoundland) and BC south to e. VA, w. VA, WV, and MO; ne. Asia. A. sibiricum var. cordigerum has been found in Kent County, MD (Steury, Tyndall, & Cooley 1996).image of plant