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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PapaveraceaeArgemone aeneaDry plains, low plains, drainage areas.S. TX and w. TX south to ne. Mexico.
PapaveraceaeArgemone albiflora var. albifloraCarolina-poppy, White Prickly-poppySandy roadsides and disturbed areas.This species is apparently native to the southeastern United States, presumably including portions of our area, south to s. FL, but the native range is unclear. The species’ weediness suggests that it may be merely adventive in portions of our area.image of plant
PapaveraceaeArgemone albiflora var. texanaWhite Prickly-poppyRocky or sandy areas, disturbed areas.c. OK south to sw. LA and s. TX; populations in sw. AR, n. AR, and s. MO are sometimes considered introduced, but their status is uncertain.image of plant
PapaveraceaeArgemone aurantiacaPrairies, fields, and pastures.Endemic to TX.
PapaveraceaeArgemone mexicanaMexican-poppy, Mexican Prickly-poppySandy roadsides and disturbed areas.Native of peninsular FL, West Indies, and maybe Mexico and Central America.image of plant
PapaveraceaeArgemone polyanthemosWhite Prickly-poppyPrairies, fields, disturbed areas.ND, SK, and MT south to e. TX, AZ, and NM.
PapaveraceaeArgemone sanguineaRed Prickly-poppyChaparral, roadsides, fields, disturbed areas.S. TX and w. TX, south to ne. Mexico.

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