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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia aphoroidesHill Country DitaxisDry sandy and rocky areas over limestone.Endemic to c. TX.
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia blodgettiiBlodgett’s SilverbushPine rocklands, rockland hammocks, coastal berms.Endemic to s. FL.image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia humilisLow SilverbushDry rocky or sandy prairies, other open areas; eastwards as a waif in disturbed ground.Sw. KS and se. CO south to s. TX, w. TX, se. NM, and ne. Mexico (COA, NLE, TAM, ZAC).image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia mercurialina var. mercurialinaTall SilverbushDry prairies over limestone or sand.KS, se. CO, and ne. AZ south to TX and NM.image of plant
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia mercurialina var. pilosissimaCarrizo SilverbushSandy soils of oak woodlands and prairies.E. TX south to s. TX, especially associated with the Carrizo Sand.
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia serrataCalcareous soils over limestone or caliche.S. TX, c. TX, w. TX, s. NM, AZ, and s. CA south to se. Mexico.
EuphorbiaceaeArgythamnia simulansPlateau SilverbushRocky and sandy soils over limestone.Endemic to c. TX, mainly on the Edwards Plateau.

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