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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PoaceaeArundinaria alabamensisTallapoosa CaneOak-hickory forests and woodlands on mesic, submesic, and xeric slopes and uplands, sometimes occurring as well in hillside seepages, and sometimes along perennial streams (Triplett 2023).As far as known, endemic to ec. AL, but expected to have a somewhat wider distribution.
PoaceaeArundinaria appalachianaHill CaneDry to moist forests on slopes.Sw. NC and se. TN south to nw. SC, n. GA and ne. AL, primarily in the southwestern end of the Blue Ridge, but extending east, south, and west into adjacent provinces.image of plant
PoaceaeArundinaria giganteaGiant Cane, River CaneBottomland and riparian forests, lower slopes and bluffs along streams, seeps, stream banks, and extending into less mesic and even dry settings on circumneutral or alkaline soils over limestone or dolomite, or in loess deposits along the Mississippi River.S. OH south to FL and e. TX.image of plant
PoaceaeArundinaria tectaSwitch Cane, Small Cane, Mutton GrassPine savannas, pocosins, canebrakes, blackwater swamps, Piedmont seeps, generally (but not solely) in wetlands.Primarily of the Southeastern Coastal Plain, but extending to the eastern Gulf Coastal Plain and also Piedmont: e. MD to FL and s. AL.image of plant

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