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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
PteridaceaeAstrolepis cochisensis ssp. chihuahuensisChihuahua Scaly Cloak FernCrevices of limestone.C. TX (Brown County in our region), s. CO, n. AZ, and s. CA, south to Mexico.image of plant
PteridaceaeAstrolepis integerrimaSouthwestern Cloak FernOn outcrops of calcareous rocks (such as Ketona dolostone in Bibb County, AL).TX, OK, NM, AZ, and NV south into Mexico; disjunct in c. AL (Bibb County); also disjunct in Hispaniola.image of plant
PteridaceaeAstrolepis sinuata ssp. sinuataWavy Cloak FernGranitic outcrops and boulders, outcrops of acidic gneiss.OK, e., c. and w. TX, NM, and AZ, south into Central and South America; West Indies; disjunct in GA and w. SC; disjunct in w. LA (on a bridge pillar). Recently found in upstate SC (McMillan et al. 2018).image of plant

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