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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
GentianaceaeBartonia paniculata ssp. iodandraPurple ScrewstemWet, peaty hollows, sphagnous bogs, peaty turf, and damp lake shores in sandy soil.Newfoundland south to Long Island, NY, and perhaps NJ.image of plant
GentianaceaeBartonia paniculata ssp. paniculataScrewstem BartoniaSwamps, bogs, pocosins, pocosin ecotones, sphagnous seepages, sinkhole ponds.Ssp. paniculata ranges from MA south to c. peninsular FL and west to e. TX, chiefly on the Coastal Plain, but with scattered occurrences inland, to c. VA, e. WV (Vanderhorst et al. 2013), w. NC, KY, and AR.image of plant
GentianaceaeBartonia paniculata ssp. texanaTexas ScrewstemBaygalls, acid seepages.Ssp. texana is endemic to the West Gulf Coastal Plain of w. LA and e. TX, where it is more-or-less sympatric with ssp. paniculata (Mathews et al. 2009).
GentianaceaeBartonia vernaSpring Bartonia, White BartoniaWet pine savannas, shores of Coastal Plain depression ponds, interdune swales, other moist sands.VA (one site known from City of Virginia Beach) (Belden et al. 2004) and se. NC (Carteret County) south to s. FL, west to se. TX.image of plant
GentianaceaeBartonia virginicaVirginia Bartonia, Yellow BartoniaBogs, swamps, pine savannas, pocosin ecotones, pocosins, dune swales.NS and QC west to WI, south to s. FL, LA, and e. TX (J. Singhurst, pers.comm. 2023).image of plant

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