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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
LamiaceaeBlephilia ciliataDowny WoodmintWoodlands, meadows, forests, prairies, usually in circumneutral soils (over diabase, limestone, shell, etc.).MA and WI south to c. GA and AR.image of plant
LamiaceaeBlephilia hirsutaHairy WoodmintRich, rocky or alluvial forests, montane forests up to at least 5000 feet elevation.QC and MN south to NC, AL, AR, and e. TX.image of plant
LamiaceaeBlephilia species 1Great Smoky Mountain Woodmint; Great Smoky Mountain Pagoda-mintMountain forests.Great Smoky Mountains, NC and TN.
LamiaceaeBlephilia subnudaSmooth Woodmint, Cumberland WoodmintMoist to dry calcareous forests, limestone ledges.Endemic (so far as is known) to the Cumberland Plateau of ne. AL (Jackson and Madison counties) and se. TN (Franklin County).image of plant
LamiaceaeBlephilia woffordiiWofford's WoodmintLimestone bluffs and cliffs.Along the Caney Fork River, Eastern Highland Rim of TN (DeKalb County and perhaps Smith County).

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