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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
ChenopodiaceaeBlitum bonus-henricusGood King HenryDisturbed areas, grown as a pot-herb and spread from cultivation.Native of Europe. Cultivated and is known from as far south as KY, NJ, and PA.
ChenopodiaceaeBlitum capitatumIndian-paint, Strawberry-bliteDisturbed areas.Native, south to scattered locations in PA (Rhoads & Klein 1993), s. OH, and s. IN (Kartesz 2010).image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeBlitum nuttallianumPovertyweedIn dry and/or alkaline soils; eastwards in disturbed areas, perhaps only a waif.Native of c. and w. North America, south to n. Mexico.image of plant
ChenopodiaceaeBlitum virgatum ssp. virgatumLeafy GoosefootDisturbed areas.Native of Eurasia.image of plant

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