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FamilyScientific Name Common NameHabitatDistributionImage
AsteraceaeBoltonia apalachicolensisApalachicola Doll’s-daisyFloodplain forests.Panhandle FL, s. MS, west to LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia asteroides var. glastifoliaEastern Doll's-daisyPondcypress savannas, tidal freshwater marshes, other marshes, ditches.NJ south to Panhandle FL, west to MS, LA, and e. TX, mostly on the Coastal Plain, but with a few disjunct occurrences inland, such as Henderson County, NC.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia asteroides var. latisquamaMidwestern Doll's-daisyDitches.WI west to ND, south to MS and OK; disjunct (presumably introduced) in NC and se. VA.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia carolinianaCarolina Doll's-daisyBottomlands, ditches, roadsides, prairies.Se. VA south to s. SC (and GA according to Kartesz 2020), primarily on the Coastal Plain and Piedmont.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia diffusa var. diffusaSouthern Doll's-daisyClay-based Carolina bays, roadsides, powerline rights-of-way, and other artificially open areas.Se. SC south to s. FL, west to e. TX, inland in the interior to c. TN, s. IL, s. MO, AR, and se. OK; disjunct in the Bahamas (Mangrove Cay of Andros Island). See Sorrie & LeBlond (2008) for comments on distribution and nativity.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia montanaValley Doll's-daisySinkhole ponds.Augusta Co. VA and Ridge and Valley wetlands in NJ and (formerly) PA.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia asteroides var. asteroidesSusquehanna Doll's-daisyRiverbanks.Along the Susquehanna River, MD and PA.
AsteraceaeBoltonia asteroides var. recognitaMarshes, prairies.MI, OH, KY, TN west to SK and OK.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia diffusa var. interiorMoist or dry open ground.KY and TN west to IL, OK, and LA.image of plant
AsteraceaeBoltonia decurrensClasping-leaf Doll's-daisy, Decurrent False-asterRiverbanks, open areas in floodplains, edges of fields.N. IL south to se. MO, along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.image of plant

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